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  • The moment Chef Rizo arrived, she took care of every detail, I enjoyed the evening as one of the guests but took all the credit for a successful evening. The food was excellent.

  • I couldn't ask for a more spectacular dinner! You did exactly what I expected. Not only was it yummy, but it looked fabulous. Thank you so much for making this day so complete with your incredible work. I am definitely seeing you again! Thank you!

  • Thank you so much , we have a wonderful dinner
    Definitly we are going to call you soon again!!!!!!
    Ely!!! :)

  • Everything perfect, highly recommend !!!!!
    Huge variety of choices, every flavorful!!!

    Pablo Alvarez
  • Thank you Chef !! you made aur night.Dinner was a success,she said YES.

  • Chef Rizo has been phenomenal and extremely helpful in helping me organize my parent's 33rd anniversary. I spoke with her about the idea a few months in advance, only to have her gently follow up with me regarding ideas and the menu. She had no problem changing the menu so that my mom's dietary restrictions would be accommodated. On the day of the dinner, she arrived on time and promptly set up and began preparations. I was unable to be there so she kindly sent me pictures of the setup my surprised parents were to see. All in all, 10/10! According to my dad, he felt the dinner and service was excellent, except for his taste, the meat was a little salty. Other than that, he thoroughly enjoyed having Chef Rizo as their personal chef for the evening. She's really the best!!

  • Chef Rizo was perfect in executing a successful lunch for my mothers birthday. Everything was deliciously perfect & very flexible in accommodating requests. I would highly recommend her for any events!

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